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Our networking events turn 10!!!

We love our Networking sessions and a quick conversation at our last event made us realise, we've been running networking sessions with the horses for 10 years now!

An image from every year from 2012-2022

Networking with horses was born out of the difficulty of explaining the value of learning experiences with horses to prospective clients. I have yet to figure an easy way to take a pony to a networking event! For starters they don't fit through most doorways and their table manners aren't great. This meant if was we were going to demonstrate the value of horses for wellbeing, leadership and team building, we had to bring the networking to the horses.

Yet what came out of that need bore something so much greater.

Non-judgemental space

We realised in those early taster sessions that people desperately wanted and needed networking opportunities that didn't feel like the stilted conversations of conventional networking.

Instead, what the horses offered was a safe and non-judgemental space for people to be their authentic selves. High heels shoes and tight collared shirts were exchanged for walking boots and comfy jumpers. Those uncomfortable with big crowds felt safe in our small and welcoming groups. Participants starting out on their business journey felt ok to be novices and creatives welcomed the space to air their flamboyant personalities.

People brought their real selves to the arena, and in doing so connections were deeper. Attendees got a far greater understanding of what was on offer from each other as introductions were made over a cup of tea and observations about how each person interacted with the horses.

Meanwhile, the horses would mooch around and make their presence felt through the odd shoulder nibble or direct introduction. Their unique abilities and perceptions always adding something to the conversation and enhancing the tone of the experience.

Squirrel joins in the conversation

Not even the pandemic stopped our sessions. The outdoor nature of the events meant when restrictions allowed we could stay connected and continue to support one another through an incredibly difficult time.

Helpful support

These networking events have become so much more than a networking opportunity, they have become a valuable opportunity to ask other participants for advice. This has made them a very cost-effective opportunity to spend a morning working on the business rather than in the business, helping businesses to expand and participants to get clarity and insights.

Then there was the benefits from being on a farm and being around the herd meaning connections made at these events were particularly memorable. Supported by a follow up Facebook group, people were able to keep networking after the event. I can still tell you know the business sectors of almost every single participant from those very first sessions, many of whom I have joyously recommended to others because I know first-hand they are kind and helpful people.


Whilst the horses involved may have changed over the last decade, the passion to "Change the way we do business" remains the same.

We remain committed to providing a platform for powerful and inspiring entrepreneurs to be their authentic selves and benefit the world through their unique gifts and talents, and look forward to providing this service for many years to come!

Our celebratory 10-year anniversary event is on Friday 26th August. It will be a regular networking session with some extra special guests. You can get tickets to attend here:

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