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The Wisdom of Horses

One of the beautiful things of working with such intelligent and authentic beings is their ability to see in a holistic way.

Jim is today's client's favourite, but after hanging out with him for a bit, it was clear he was needing some space.

Jim needed space, allowing a whole host of learning to happen

We nipped next door and went to see if Squirrel was a better bet, but she also politely shared she was not interested.

So we popped over to Dainty's pen and it was a different story completely. Right from the beginning she was interested in our being there, teaching the client her method for asking what she wanted, which is unashamedly direct and very effective.

Highly perceptive

As the session went in a completely different direction than planned, I marvelled yet again at how perceptive the horses are, and how much we need to get out of the way of them working.

If we'd stuck it out with Jim, we'd have not got the rich and relevant learnings we did, and annoyed him in the process.

Dainty most likely doesn't realise or care how impactful she's been this evening, but I do, and I am exceptionally grateful.

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