In a herd of horses, no-one is left behind and the wellbeing of everyone is important.

In May 2020 I (Becci) was deeply moved by a documentary demonstrating the impact Covid-19 was having on the National Health Service (NHS).

I saw first-hand the severity of the crisis they were dealing with, the impossible decisions staff were having to make, and the impact it was having on their health and wellbeing.

These were normal people, like you and me, suddenly having to deal with a abnormal situation.


I reached out to friends working in the NHS and they gave me first-hand accounts of what they were going through, and the reality of how difficult it was, and we felt inspired to help.

The therapeutic value of horses

I have grown up with horses. They have seen me through some of my toughest times. They ground me daily and no matter how difficult my life is, they remind me that I've got this, I can do it and to stay grounded in the present.

With the help of some wonderful colleagues, we are sponsoring a series of Thank You days with horses to NHS staff. In them, we will treat them with the respect and gratitude they deserve, provide a safe space for them to be fully present, support them to activate their rest and relax systems, show them how to go about their day from this calm space, share some useful tools to improve their leadership and communication skills and provide 1:1 horse time for them to fully be authentic, without judgement, with how they are.  

We welcome  your support. Either purchase one of our services (the profits of which are being reinvested in supporting the NHS), purchase the When Horses Talk e-book or make a donation via PayPal.