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British Geological Society

BGS came through a leadership training provider wanting to integrate a team building experience to a 3 day programme. 

The team travelled from all over Europe to attend, prior to a big and difficult expedition they were due to undertake.

The key themes they learnt about were:

  • ​leadership is both verbal and non-verbal

  • clear instructions make life easier

  • it is important to stretch your comfort zone, you may achieve more than you thought you could

  • celebration is an important part of success

  • don't judge a book by its cover, keep an open mind

  • Feedback is just data. Not all feedback has to be acted on

  • Personal wellbeing must come before the wellbeing of othes.

"This has been far and away the best team building training we have ever done. To see everyone to come together like they did was very special." Dave, Team Leader

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