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About Becci

Coach, healer, equine assisted educator and passionate advocate for nature and horse and human health and wellbeing.

Hi my name is Becci and I am passionate about people!

I started life with a deep curiosity about what makes us, us - and the curiosity hasn't left.

I grew up one of four girls, initially on a small holding and later on a farm. Always with horses. This free yet disciplined upbringing has shaped a big part of who I am.

I did well academically, competed in multiple sports before getting a degree in Environmental Biology, along with a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue. 

Not content with the no prospects outcome I had been given, I set about learning as much as I could about health and wellbeing.


Candy - my first pony

Learning to look after and collaborate with horses started my interest in relationships and teamwork.

My trusty partner in this journey was a beautiful grey horse called Murphy. Shortly after I returned from Uni, he too got a post-viral fatigue diagnosis. Whilst he had an enviably quicker bounce back than I did, we rehabbed together and formed an inseparable bond.

It wasn't long before I was well enough to work, and making use of my degree. In doing so, I had came to realise my lifetime's experience of being around horses had given me some useful work skills.


Reading body language was the first one I noticed, followed by the need for clear instructions, pulling together as one team, mutual respect and having a clear outcome. Murphy was also a stickler for taking a moment to "sniff the air". He was teaching me to pause and be less busy, though it was years before the learning for that particular lesson fully landed.


Murphy - HSUK Co-founder

Murphy also had post viral fatigue, but it was his retirement from competition that inspired me to "bring the party to him. 


Four years of working with farmers to help them make wildlife-friendly decisions and I realised it's not the planet that needs saving, it's humans. 

In 2010 I changed tact and found myself retraining in energy work, coaching and Equine Guided Leadership Development.

The first client you ever have is yourself and for the first 3-4 years I took my time to feel into this work gently. In that time we set up our networking sessions and started working with our first corporate clients.

It's when the pandemic hit I really flourished. I gave up running a coaching Academy I had been involved with and started to find my own flavour.


Training to be a practitioner

I did my first Equine Guided Leadership Training in 2010. I then did further training in the US in 2018.

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Supporting the community

Here at HorseSense UK it is important to us we reach out and help those that need us most.

Passionate about health and wellbeing, the pandemic had shown me how valuable horses were in supporting people to stay calm, focus on what is within our control, let go of what isn't and take courageous steps forwards.

The horses and I quickly realised our brilliant frontline NHS workers desperately needed this kind of support, and so the Thank You NHS project was born.

We also reached out to a younger audience than before, supporting local community kids to process the impact of the pandemic and build their confidence skills in the process.

Now we go where the need takes us. Providers of training to the Equine Assisted community through Development Days, Meet Up events and Reiki training, we blend one to one sessions for kids and adults on our beautiful farm in Mark Cross. We also offer group events for corporates both here and at external venues.

I am a certified Calmologist, Reiki Teacher and Equine Facilitated Practitioner with a lifetime's experience of helping novice people handle horses. I attain regular Continuing Professional Development in coaching, health and wellbeing and horse welfare, and constantly seek to expand my knowledge in these areas. I have an enhanced DBS check (March 2022), am a member and co-host of the West Kent Association For Coaching group and am a part of the Equine Assisted and Facilitated Practitioners Network.


Most importantly, it is my honour and privilege to support you in your personal or professional goals. Please get in touch if the horses and I can be of service.



07833 597187


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