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Here at HorseSense UK, we believe horses have the power to transform our relationship to our self, others and the world around us.

Founded in 2010, HorseSense UK prides itself in delivering holistic learning solutions that benefit individuals and the wider community through engaging our natural desire to learn, grow and benefit from the wisdom of nature.

We offer ground-based Equine Facilitated Learning for individuals age 4 upwards and groups from the age 10 upwards, in the beautiful Sussex countryside in all-weather facilities. 

We specialise in helping individuals and groups to develop awareness, authenticity, courage, confidence and empathy to positively impact health, wellbeing and effective leadership.

Time with the herd is both experiential and memorable - creating a lasting impact and generating the kind of learning that classrooms cannot give.

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Becci Godfrey
Founder and lead facilitator

After years working in both the private, public and charitable sectors Becci soon realised her childhood experiences with horses had given her something no corporate training could give. Backed by her charismatic grey horse Murphy, she founded HorseSense UK in 2010 and has been delivering learning experiences ever since. Read more.

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Programme director & children's expert

Squirrel is the longest serving HorseSense UK trainer. She brings a depth of experience and a kind gentle energy to learning experiences. Excellent with small children, Squirrel understands the importance of authentic communication and provides a safe space for people to develop confidence and experience their true selves.

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Wellbeing officer
20200921 Barbara Yeo Photography Networking Neighs-10.jpg
Security officer & teen expert

Dainty joined the herd in 2016 as an anxious 5 year old. In her time here she has flourished into a wise, kind and compassionate horse. Dainty understands the challenges of poor physical and mental health and inspires us daily with her healing journey. 

Jim joined the herd in 2019. Jim brings a strong and grounded masculine energy. He loves being the centre of attention and positively impacting humans. Jim is excellent and very popular with teenagers thanks to his cheeky nature, love of play and rule breaking.

Go here to learn more about our clients and read about our success stories.

To find out more, or request a call-back contact us or call Becci on 07833 597187.

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