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Why do I do Equine Facilitated LEARNING?

There are lots of names for the sort of work I do:

- Equine Facilitated Learning

- Horse Assisted Education

- Equine Therapy

- Equine Assisted Leadership Development

- plus many, many more!

So why do I describe myself as a LEARNING business?

Well, first of all, I work in the same way that I too most benefitted from horses.

I grew up with horses, learning to look after, compete and handle horses was a huge part of my childhood education.

Starting young

I learnt young about the importance of clear communication, trust building, consideration, rejection (or perhaps more accurately "ejection" as I was deposited off front left), to get back on the horse after a mistake and immediately go again, to treat ailments, put the horse first, that they loved me unconditionally, to look to myself first to make corrections, that bran doesn't taste good and that if turn your back for one second whilst eating that's your ham sandwich taken care of.

OK, the last two possibly aren't that useful, but in short horses taught me to be a better human, a more considerate, confident and compassionate human.

This in turn helped me set boundaries, know right from wrong and see things from a different perspective. It taught me to be confident in my ability, what is needed to create a strong and healthy team and that if I needed to have a cry, that absolutely no horse ever has ever judged me.

As I've made being around horses my profession, the learning continued. Through horses I've learnt to cope with adversity, let go of overthinking, give people the compassion they deserve and that absolutely nothing is accomplished through fear or violence.

My herd have taught me about consent, that life isn't always perfect and stop wasting time on trying to win the adoration of acceptance of others. "Do you" they tell everyone. "We like you, the real you".

People frequently get emotional in the presence of horses, it's like they see directly into your soul and approve of it. I don't know a single human with the abilities they have - they are quite simply incredible.

So I'm an Equine Facilitated Learning business, that helps you to learn about yourself, others, the world around you and how to "be" with all that.

Going through a divorce? The horses will help you to learn how to do that. Feel trapped in the wrong gender body? They'll help you find a way to be ok with it. Don't know how to move forwards? Let them show you what you're really seeking and then suddenly you'll find the pathway opens up for you.

Horses aren't like humans and that's a very good thing; and because of that, they make us better versions of ourselves for everybody.

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