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Network with horses!

Networking provides a vital lifeline for solo entrepreneur's to connect and get advice from a range of backgrounds, whilst industry experts get to exhibit their competency and skill. It's a win win for small businesses that aren't always able to solve their problems in-house, or for start up businesses that need guidance as they grow.

For over 10 years now we've been connecting inspiring people from across the South East to support one another's business journey's. What started as taster sessions to demonstrate the value of Equine Facilitated Learning, has now become a quarterly fixture in the HorseSense UK calendar, with a networking agenda and guest speaker slot.

Authenticity in business

Our HorseSense Networking events specialise in creating the perfect environment for authenticity and growth, through the powerful medium of horses. Known for their non-judgemental approach to relationships, the horses foster a safe environment to show up as your real self - an essential move when trying to impress new prospects.

Our next opportunity to network with the herd is 9.45am on Fri 30th June. Join other talented professionals to share your expertise and benefit from our diverse network of business pioneers as the HorseSense UK herd join your conversations and add their unique flavour and expertise to the mix.

Ticket are just £10, the proceeds of which fund our Thank You NHS Campaign to provide post-pandemic support to the #NHS.

Sign up here: or reach out via our contact page if you have any questions.

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