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Feedback from horses

Ever had to do complete a task or project with someone only to get frustrated at their lack of commitment/ time wasting/ inability to make a decision/ over analysis/ rude manner/ perfectionism/ sloppy standards/ fill in the blank... ?

You are not alone! People are one another's biggest gripes and it can weigh heavy on relationships.

But what if there was a way to have behavioural issues tactfully addressed, so our relationships can be more harmonious?

Most people don't mean to be difficult. I truly believe everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have. Often a person's hard to deal with behaviours are their survival strategies, and they probably don't even realise they are doing them, or the impact they are having.

This is where learning experiences with horses provides an unparalleled learning opportunity.

Horses have one agenda - self preservation.

Their questions revolve around 1) are you safe, can I trust you, who is in charge, how can you benefit me?

If you meet those initial criteria it's amazing what a horse and a human can accomplish.

It's this horse:human dynamic we harness at HorseSense UK for our client's growth and development.

Highly perceptive, horses give the kind of feedback that helps people to address their biggest barriers to success.

Mindful facilitated interactions

Through mindful facilitated interactions with these majestic beings, people are able to take the horse's feedback, make changes and see instant results.

It's the kind of experience that creates permanent changes and builds a deep understanding of the power we hold in shaping our own destiny.

We welcome enquiries interested in learning more, or you are welcome to join us for our next Networking morning on 31st March.

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