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Kids and ponies

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Kids and ponies are a natural combo. Both are mischievous, love to play and know how to push boundaries!

It's no surprise then that children love hanging out with ponies, enjoying their tactile coats, their attentiveness and emotional awareness and eye-level interactions.

What not everyone knows though, is how good ponies are for developing respect and consideration in young people.

Ponies weigh between 8-12 times what children do (think 40kg versus 400kg), and don't suffer fools gladly. This means they can metaphorically and physically throw their weight around in a way that commands attention and respect.

Then there is their life experience and wisdom. In horse years, a 14 year old horse is the equivalent of a 45 year old person both in maturity, wisdom and self-assurance.

By their mid teens (which is where our herd is at) they've pretty much got humans sussed and aren't afraid to show it. They offer valuable and wise insights into problems and ideas, have good perception skills and have plenty of life experience to be empathetic.

It's why we offer up our herd for personal development. The herd enjoy meeting new people, building relationships with them and leaving them a little better than they found them.

As the human link in all this, it is my job to facilitate that process to the benefit of both parties. I love watching the exchange of information between the participants as hearts and minds are opened and realities expanded.

How can you and your children and grandchildren benefit without needing to own your own pony? We offer 1:1 sessions of 1hr for children between 4-18 (and 90 minute sessions for adults that are 19+.) For our home education kids, we run a rolling programme of weekly term-time Pony Group for children. Click the links below to find out more.

Not sure which service to book? Call Becci on 07833 597187 or send a message though our contact links to find out more or book a Taster Session to meet the herd and ask your questions.

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