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Grooming your way to success

Being groomed is one of Jim's favourite interactions.

Grooming is a natural horse behaviour that supports physical and social wellbeing.

Horses groom will either groom their coats by rolling (Dainty's favourite), scratching against a tree (Jim's favourite) or mutual grooming with another horse where they use their teeth to mutually groom each others hard to reach back, neck and withers.

Because coat and skin care is so important to a horse, sharing in this health and wellbeing process generally goes down exceptionally well, and is a pleasant experience for humans also.

Mindfully working from head to toe brushing, massaging or stroking the horse and giving it your full attention is a deeply calming and relaxing experience for both horse and human, and a great way to build trust and bonds.

Brushing the coat of the horse stimulates the skin and massages their muscles, whilst giving the human the chance to and observe the health of the horse and check for any injuries or illness. The slow steady focus this takes means that it is engaging yet calming for humans, as it acts as a form of meditation.

If you fully get into the grooming process, especially with one of the massaging devices, you may find the horses' innate reciprocity kicks in and they nuzzle and massage you back - particularly in spring when they are itchy and their new coat is kicking in!

Jim loves a groom!

Each horse has their own relationship to being groomed. Jim loves the physicality of it, Squirrel loves to be primped and preened so she looks good and Dainty is getting better at it, after years of struggling with being touched.

It makes grooming a great interaction for participants to do to learn more about horses, build a mutually respectful relationship, develop trust, learn how be empathetic, understand about taking care of another, maintain focus and enjoy a mutually pleasing activity.

Grooming features in our Confidence For Kids (1hr), Calm For Adults (1½hrs) and Breakthrough Days if it is appropriate to do so and is a wonderful way to get to know the herd.

Check out the services section of our website to find out more!

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