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Building Confidence

Sometimes we think things are harder than they are!

Jim is feeling rightfully proud. Today we did a bit of loose schooling, and there was a jump in the arena, so he took himself over it.

Jim loves to jump, jumping makes life interesting, but we noticed there are times when he seems hesitant over the fences and gets his legs in a muddle - usually at the beginning.

Rather than quit and give up, we've learnt it best to exercise Jim from a calm place and share a little bit of self-belief with him.

Best feeling

Once we've shown Jim he can do it, those sweet little ears shoot forwards and he'll frequently take himself round for another go, and another - enjoying his own success because self-belief and it's subsequent companion, confidence, are the best feeling!

Horses seem no difference to humans. They too can get their confidence knocked, and they can also rebuild it.

We'll likely need to repeat the exercise over and over to make the improvement permanent - enough so that he is secure and no longer questions his ability.

And that is how confidence after a fall is built, by one gradual, achievable stretch at a time.

Well done Jim, for showing us all what we can accomplish! And thank you for showing us to not listen to the doubts in our head!

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