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Networking & Wellbeing

Friday 30th June saw the herd host one of their regular networking sessions for local businesses to make new connections and enjoy the wellbeing benefits of horses.

In our 11th year of delivery we have come to cherish these sessions that attract a diverse group of people. Hosting a networking event with the herd allows Jim, Dainty and Squirrel to do their own networking and share directly how they positively impact people's mood, perception of self and facilitate a deeper and more authentic connection with others.

There was a clear theme this time around which was travel and our global community. We enjoyed participants from Argentina, Venezuela, Germany, Israel, Scotland and one born in Libya. Participants were invited to speak to the horses in their native tongue to see how they responded. The jury is out on what the horses made of it as body language is still their predominant language - but it was fun to do and interesting to watch!

Our guest speaker this time around was Jan Brown, holistic therapist, organic healthcare provider and spiritual wayfinder. What makes someone the profession they are is always an interesting topic, and Jan's story was no exception. From her upbringing in rural Scotland to a impromptu Reiki course abroad and her love of organic gardening, Jan has fused her passions into one offering - making her the person she is today.

The herd will be opening their gate once more again this year on Friday 6th October for you to take the opportunity to get to know them. Our guest speaker for this event is photographer and brand expert Adas Goldstein talking about the importance of brand and the opinions people form of you. All the proceeds from the tickets sales go to our Thank You NHS campaign. You can book your tickets here:

Image credits for our Networking sessions are courtesy of Barbara Yeo Photography:

Celebrating 10 years of a working partnership, Becci and Barbara at the recent HorseSense Networking

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