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HSUK a year in pictures

Every year I like to do a year in pictures video review of what the herd and I have got up to. It's a lovely way to look back and reflect on the year and be grateful for their service.

I am extremely proud of what the herd and I have accomplished this year. I think this year's video is a lovely snapshot of our year, and also a great way of giving people an insight into what we do.

Thank you to everyone that supported us this year and made it so special. Are you in our end of year round up?

Our activities in 2023

  • Calm For Adults

  • Confidence For Kids

  • 2 Leadership and Wellbeing sessions for the NHS

  • 1 HAE Development Day (Windsor)

  • Therapists Workshop

  • Reiki For EFL/EAP

  • 3 Networking sessions

  • Association For Coaching Co-Coach session

  • Guest speaker at Make It Your Business

  • 2 Assertiveness workshops

  • Wellbeing sessions

  • Pony Group

  • Christmas party

I wonder what 2024 will bring?!?

Images: HorseSense UK and Barbara Yeo Photography

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