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Do horses fight?

Clients recently have been surprised to see that the relationships between our horses isn't always harmonious.

Squirrel moves in to nip Jim on the nose

Whilst I'd love to say the three horses we put together are one big happy family, the reality is, they're a blended family, and no, they don't always get on.

Just like humans, horses get stressed by:

  • Their health

  • Their environment

  • The company they keep

  • Their past experiences

  • A lack of certainty

  • Competition for resources

  • Different personality types

  • Learnt behaviours

Just like siblings don't always see eye to eye, our horses don't either.

However, despite their differences there is a bond between them. If one leaves, the others will call. If I leave a gate open (I'm exceptionally good at doing that) they've yet to wander from the farm, choosing instead to stay close to the horses they know.

They like it best when they all go out together.

They're happiest when everyone is present.

Sound familiar?

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