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The Importance Of Thank You

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

At the end of every session I invite clients to thank the herd. Why? Because thank you's are important.

Horses understand the energy and appreciation of thank you

Our horses do AMAZING work. They transform people's lives. They role model kindness, compassion, awareness, being non-judgemental, authenticity and being grounded and calm.

They willingly accept people into their herd, dedicate their time and presence to offering support and create a safe space for people to experience their bodies and emotions.

Last week Jim gave up 10 minutes of eating time (this is a big deal!!!) to just stand and be with a client. This single act alone was profoundly impactful for the client. That kind of acceptance and attention, which let's be honest, can be very lacking in our modern world, is the kind of experience that stays with you for the rest of your life.

Great work deserves acknowledgement

Saying thank you to a horse tells them their effort was noticed and appreciated. It makes them more inclined to engage again next time, builds mutual respect and keeps the horse's energy high (rather than feeling taken from and drained).

Saying thank you has a positive impact on our horses, and us too, as we do it.

I say thank you to my herd every night and will call their attention to something I am particularly grateful for. Today I thanked Squirrel for being generally awesome and being present with a client, Jim for holding a beautifully safe space for the herd (including us) and Dainty for coming up to the client and sniffing her in the most beautiful and disarming way.

What do you do to say thank you to your horses? What do you do to say thank you to yourself?

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