Women's Empowerment Day

Sat 11th February 2017 and Sat 20th May 2017

Women are a phenomenal force for good. Carers, security providers and creatively brilliant - this workshop is all about nurturing and celebrating all that is great about our feminine nature. 

Dainty WEP    Squirrel WEP

Join Holistic Therapist and Empowerment expert Becci and the HorseSense UK horses, on a day of exploration and personal growth. Discover what empowerment means to you and find ways to be it so you leave feeling nutured, confident, self assured and in alignment with your values.

In this course you will:

  • understand your unique skills and gifts
  • connect strongly with why it is important you share your talents
  • become aware of your blocks and how to address them
  • overcome the obstacles to giving the world your best
  • celebrate your successes and understand the importance of self-recognition
  • meet and support other creatively brilliant women

20140911 Barbara Yeo Photography Horse Sense UK Murphy 's Networking Masterclass -5

Cost: Early bird (4 weeks prior) - £80, thereafter £95 to include lunch. Mother and daughter (min 16 years) - £165 (early bird £140). 

Spaces on this event are limited to allow everyone plenty of time with the horses, so book early to ensure you can attend. For more information and to book your space contact us here


About the course leader

20140503 Barbara Yeo Photography Pony In Bluebells -12A rider since birth, Becci's best lessons in life have always come from horses. A firm believer in life being what you make of it Becci overcame debilitating Chronic Fatigue in her 20's and set about overcoming all sorts of personal and external obstabcles to create the life she desired - so she knows you can do it too.

Supported by her powerful and aligned herd of horses, Becci's work as a Horse Assisted Educator, Reiki Teacher and Mind Detox Therapist means she has had the chance to work with hundreds of people from all walks of life and help them find their inner strength and courage to be the best they can be


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